About Us

A.G.ASSOCIATES (AGA) is a consultancy firm started in 1992 with a foresight of becoming a firm of excellence to deliver the technical expertise in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Town planning and Interior Design. AGA strongly believes in quality and timely service. With fully aware of value of time and quality, AGA has been serving the society during past 10 years. The qualified Architect, Town Planner, Civil and Structural Engineer are heading the team to meet its objectives and its targets.

AGA has exposed to various building projects of private and public nature such as individual bungalows to mansions, commercial complex, hospital projects, residential apartments, community hall, automobile showrooms also interiors of residence and commercial spaces. AGA further aims to address some of the acute Urban problems such as inter section design and suggestions to improve the quality of street furniture and street scape with the minimal cost. These are some of the projects, which AGA feels obligatory. AGA looks forward for right opportunity and time, with strong belief in quality and timely service.

AGA also has its sister concern called GEODETIC SURVEYS, which takes care of responsibilities of land survey and the analysis. It has fully equipped with the leveling instruments and theodolite for carrying out the assignments. It has completed the extensive survey work for MRPL in the recent past.

AGA is located in the heart of Udupi city with a floor area of 900 sq. ft. The office is fully equipped with intellectual manpower and five high-end graphic computer works station to take up the architectural and engineering assignments. All the systems are loaded with drafting and analysis packages. All the drawings, design and analysis, estimation, tender document, billing is done in computer. AGA has a competent team of experts such as Civil Engineer and Structural Consultant, Town Planner and Team of Architects, Site Engineer, Site Supervisors and office assistant as well as the trainees.

What we can offer... Our intellectual manpower is able to handle the scope of the work, which are specified in the invitation. The preparation of feasibility projects, schematic drawings, line estimate, discussions, detailed estimate of the project, preparation of tender document, scrutinize the bidders, prepare comparative statement of the tenders, award of contract, periodical report on the progress of the work.

Our Objectives

  • To provide excellent professional service to the clients.
  • To develop an efficient and innovative system to respond to clients need and timely delivery.
  • To improve and constantly upgrade the efficiency of the staff in tune with current market trends.

Quality Policy

  • To become an excellent consultancy firm of national reputation in the filed of Architecture, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Town Planning and Interior Design.

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